direct sales case
Home Interiors and Gifts was the first direct sales company that I started as a representative. This was my first consultant kit. I gained a great deal of experience with that company. It taught me how to give good customer service, to present yourself as a business professional, and how to create beautiful surroundings in my home. So, why am I not a rep for them now? Well, this thing called Fibromyalgia. Hauling around heavy pictures and decorating accessories was a bit more than I could take. So I gave it up and moved on to skin care. Little did I know that people wanted to decorate their homes rather than decorate themselves! In my neck of the woods, I found it difficult to find women willing to pamper themselves and take the time to follow a skin care regimen, or powder their faces-much less soak in bath salts and use exfoliating scrubs. So there went my stint with Jafra Cosmetics-no more Royal Jelly for me! Too bad – for all you Jafra people that know the power of Royal Jelly Milk Balm Moisture Lotion. I’m tempted to sign back up just for the Royal Jelly!!! It’s $65 bucks! But, it will transform your skin. And if you add the Royal Jelly Lifting Serum with it- OOOH CHILD- you’ll get a mini face-lift without surgery! You know what, let me find a Jafra Consultant.

But, seriously, I’m on the prowl again for the right company. I’ve tried a few since Jafra, but they just weren’t for me. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I started this blog. Because of the boxes of products from past consultant kits, I saw a need for an honest opinion from a neutral party. I was convinced by the recruiting rep how wonderful a certain product or company was only to find out after I signed up that it wasn’t “all that.” Or how about the rep that tells you that the products are natural, but after you recieve the kit, you have an asthma attack from all of the chemicals, or an allergic skin reaction. Or you see this really neat product with an affiliate program and wonder if the products are good or not. Well, here is the opportunity to find out the scoop before you waste your money. Hopefully, throughout this journey, I will find the perfect company for me. When I run across something great, you’ll be the first to know.

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