Marlo Quinn bites the dust!




Marlo Quinn closes its doors. Sorry about the harsh way of putting it, but I saw it coming. From day one, I saw the possibility of this happening. But, if these companies didn't make the same mistakes over and over again, then my organization (in its start up stage) would have never been born.

I created the Multicultural Direct Selling Alliance as a way for these start up companies to utilize resources on a shoestring budget. My inspiration came from a company, who will remain nameless, that I had signed up with as a consultant about a year ago. They were a start up direct sales company; they had everything together-or so I thought. After seeing the company from the inside, I began to realize that the owners-to put it bluntly-didn't know what they were doing! I offered suggestions based on my 14 years of direct sales experience because I believed in this company, and I loved the products. I wanted it to work. But, my comments were entertained, but wasn't taken very seriously. Then a few months later, I get a letter from the company that they would no longer do business in my state. Uhum, I thought that was odd. Then a few months after that, I could no longer access the website. They had gone out of business! I looked back at the mistakes they made and knew that if they had at least tried to do things differently, then maybe they wouldn't have reached a dismal fate.

I too jumped at the chance to sign up with Marlo Quinn and was an affiliate for awhile. By the way, I did get all of my commissions. But, I didn't get a chance to order anything, thank goodness. There were some things that I observed that could have contributed to their downfall. And for the record, I did offer my consulting services when I first saw these mistakes but was told that they had some of their representatives experienced in direct sales that was helping them. And just to think, I was willing to barter for a consultant kit because I wanted this company to work. Too bad she didn't take me up on that offer; we may still have Marlo Quinn.

Stay tuned over the next day or so to find out the common mistakes that are often made by direct sales companies that don't last.

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