5 Common Mistakes Made By Direct Sales Companies #4

Hiring Inexperienced Staff

One of the problems that I’ve seen with start up companies is the hiring process. Sometimes the company may grow faster than expected, and the owners may make mistakes during the hiring process. At this point, there is not enough time to look for people with experience in direct selling, and you may end up with people who don’t have a clue. Also, to get the most out of your hiring buck, look for employees that can start off as assistants-just a fancy way of saying “jack of all trades.” In other words, these “assistants” can answer the phones, take orders, label products (if they’re handcrafted), create newsletters for the reps; I’ve even seen one of these “assistants” assist in writing the training manual. Basically, if you’re going to hire someone, at least hire someone experienced enough to perform any task that is needed for your company.

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