5 Common Mistakes Direct Sales Companies Make #5

03-13-2007-105950am.jpgI did not know that I didn’t finish this series. So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … the #5 common mistake is (drumroll)………

Lack of Unique Products

History has shown that companies that have a product that is unique and is exclusive to the company has longevity. Besides, direct sales companies have to give people a reason to pay prices 5 times more than average pricing. Companies like Home Interiors and Gifts and Home and Garden Party have their own artists for most of their art work for the pictures and pottery. Arbonne International have Swiss-formulated products. Mary Kay Cosmetics has always offered a “signature line”, and Jafra Cosmetics International has the famous Royal Jelly line that’s their high end product that the hostess can receive as a gift instead of paying the whopping $65 sticker price.

The point is not to rewrite what’s already been written. Of course, it OK to have the same scents as other companies-(I can’t live without my Oatmeal Milk and Honey scented products). But, offer something else unique and exclusive that only your company can provide.

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