Direct Selling in the News!!!

I recently got a tip about an article in the May 2007 Oprah magazine that BeautiControl was featured in it. Well, I picked up the magazine thinking that it was just another ad, but to my surprize there was an entire mini magazine about direct sales companies! The DSA created a booklet filled with featured direct sales companies and articles about the biz which included some profiles of a few direct sellers.

I am so happy to see this positive light shed on the industry.

Pick up the new Oprah; you might see your company featured.


Kara Vita Baby!!!

black-kara-vita-2.jpgkara-vita.jpgI had the opportunity to review a skin care line from Kara Vita Skin Care. When I received the products, the name sounded familiar, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was a direct sales company or not. When I received the samples and materials, I was pleasantly surprised.

Contact Consultant
Christina Kuehn

Company Overview

Kara Vita products contain natural botanicals. I wasn’t able to see an ingredient list for each of the products that I used, so I can’t say with certainty the exact levels of synthetic preservatives. But, the skin care line passes all required pharmaceutical testing and are in accord with FDA standards.

Kara Vita has an impressive list of consultants which includes Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aestheticians and Podiatrists. This could be because of the LyphaZome technology.

I used the Balancing 5-step regimen. This system included the Balancing Cleanser, Mist, PBH Exfoiliating Masque, Balancing Antioxidant Treatment, and Face Essentials moisturizer with SPF 15. Of course, I went through the sample of cleanser within a couple of days. I really didn’t have enough for make up removal, so I cheated a little and used another cleanser to remove makeup and then I followed the Kara Vita regimen. So, I can’t say for certain how well the cleanser is at makeup removal.

The Complexion Mist used for toning has a strong smell. Again, I can’t comment for certain about every ingredient in the product, but the scent smelled like SD-40 alcohol. Some toners or astrigents still contain alcohol , believe it or not. If Kara Vita’s balancing toner does, then that’s the downside. It is a possibility that it was Witch Hazel based because WH has a strong smell as well. Regardless of the ingredients, I wasn’t impressed with the Complexion Mist.

PBH Exfoilating Mask was wonderful. It’s not like the regular masks that dries on your face like plaster. It a soft, gentle mask that made my skin appear brighter and healthier. It smells yummy too! I could see myself enjoying a facial with the use of this mask. For aestheticans, it will be easy to apply with a brush and is very gentle even for sensitive skin.

The Balancing Antioxidant Treatment is a creamy treatment that repairs skin and provide protection against future damage.

And last, the Face Essentials moisturizer provides all day moisture with SPF protection.

Unfortunately, I am unable to give a review based on long-term use of the product. But, most of the products in this skin care system were good. One thing that I did notice is that I felt a tingling sensation-a good tingle- every time I used one of the products. This leads me to believe that there is a action going on and with long-term use, you will be able to see results.

After about 5 days, when all of the samples ran out, my skin appeared more even, smoother, and vibrant. This system is worth a try. It retails for $140.

Company Upside
As for the business opportunity, I was very impressed! The commission structure is average, 25%-35% commission. But, that includes a company paid Hostess Plan which is very generous. At the time, I received the samples, the January 2007 promotion included:

20% host award for parties under $499
25% host award for parties over $500
If you hosted between January 1-7, the hostess got a free Eye Wish ($38 value)
One product at half-price
And check this out–A FREE 5-Piece Regimen for a party over $500!

This is all at no cost to the consultant!

And Kara Vita didn’t stop there. There was a list of Customer Special Offers-8 to be exact (for January), 2 purchase with purchase specials for a ticket over $100, 2 purchase-with-purchase specials with any size purchase, and New Consultant Kit Bonus for those who sign up!

They offer:
Sales Meetings
Monthly Newsletters
Teleconference Training
Website Training
Company Paid Hostess Program
Direct Ship to the Customer
24 Hour Online Order Entry
No required inventory

The consultant kit is a $600 value for only $250.
It made mention of a Fast Track Program, so that means even more incentives during the first months of business.

Customers will pay a hefty price for the products, but that’s how you sell them on hosting their own party, so that they can receive free or discounted products.

New consultants will pay a hefty price for the consultant kit as well, which could possibly make sponsoring a little more difficult. But, the kit contains everything that you need, including mirrors, training materials, samples, all of the facial line and some of the other products available. And for presentations, they have a flip chart!!! I love flip charts!!! It makes presenting the product so much easier for new comers. It’s well worth the money.

I didn’t see very many spa products. I’m a spa junkie; so that’s a must for me. Also, it limits your hostesses party option. If they don’t want a facial “clinic”, then you have no other options to book. Also, I didn’t see any make up either, so when your clients leave the party, they’re bare-faced. Speaking from experience, many customers do not leave the house without make up.

Who knows, maybe those products are in the works. If so, it will make it a well-rounded company.

Would you like to try Kara Vita for FREE e-mail Christina for a sample.

Shout Outs

Name **** 4 Shout Outs
Website *** 3 Shout Outs -The cart is down.
Ingredients **** 4 Shout Outs – Unique technology
Packaging ***** 5 Shout Outs – Awesome Packaging!
Philosophy ** 2 Shout Outs – I didn’t notice if they had any causes or charity.

Off Topic-But, did anyone watch the replay of Roots

Hi everyone,

I saw Roots again when it replayed on TVOne, and shared it with my 9
year old son. I was a kid when I watched it the first time, and
never really appreciated it until now.

Roots reminded me of being appreciative of family. In the age of
children killing parents, and parents taking children to court,
somehow we forgot about our forefathers being sold away from their
families-never to see them again. And here we are pushing our
families away.

Roots reminded me of the respect that we should have for marriage.
Brothers should be thankful that they have their women to themselves,
and don’t have to worry about “Master” coming to his house while he’s
away. He knows for certain that this is his child and not some white
man’s. And here we deny paternity of our children and call our women
b#!*#* and ho’s. We’ve gotten away from that strong family unit and
loyality. P. Diddy should take a lesson from this.

Roots reminded me that our children should appreciate education and
learning-that they don’t have to worry about being sold off or the
skin whipped off of their backs, just because they know how to read
and write. They have the freedom to receive an education just as
high as anyone else. Here we have some of our children quitting
school and hustling on the streets. We have some that can’t pass the
required tests to graduate, and some who can’t even read when they
get to high school. What happened to our appreciation?

Most of all…
Roots reminded me that I have a measure of respect from people of all
races-more so now than ever before. I live in Louisiana, and was
raised in the south, it’s not perfect, but I see a change. I was in
Wal-Mart yesterday, and a white man bumped into me. Well, we all
know what would have happened ‘back in the day.’ But, this man put
his hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m sorry, I need to watch where
I’m going.” We need to appreciate that we don’t have to end of
hanging from a a tree or being whipped with a whip for bumping into a
white man. We need to appreciate the changes that have been made and
stop complaining about what hasn’t changed and do something about it.

When we show a lack of appreciation for the struggle, we spit on the
graves of those that died for for us to be free.

Veronica Easterling-Thomas

Upcoming Reviews!!!Giveaway!!!

To build the anticipation, I wanted to let you in on a few upcoming reviews…

Kara Vita
Daisy Blue Naturals
Home and Garden Party
Brown Skin Beauty
Indigofera which was my coaching client, but she also wholesales her product line.

So, there’s some goodies to look forward to.

But, where my jewerly companies at!!! I know you have some things that can be reviewed. To sweeten the pot, how about if I give away a set of body butters from Indigofera. So, if you submit a review for the month of April, you’ll be entered into a drawing for 2 Indigofera’s body butters. I’ll tell you more about Indigofera’s products later this week in a review. The drawing will be helded on May 15, 2007 to give those who submitted on April 30th time to mail their products or samples.

Don’t be afraid, I’ll be nice; but if your company is making false claims, in order to protect my fellow direct sellers, I’ve gots to Speak On It!

The Journey Continues…

When I first started this blog, I spoke about the two companies that I belonged to for 14 years totaled, Home Interiors and Gifts and Jafra Cosmetics International. Since I know the truth about these companies’ compensation plans, I really don’t want to go down that road again. So for the last, now, 3 years, I’ve been experimenting and testing different companies to see which one that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with-so to speak.

One of the companies that I test drove was…

Tarrah Cosmetics– I loved their compensation plan and the incentives, motivation, and encouragement, but the products were NOT natural as they claimed they were. I had a severe allergic reaction to them and experienced unexplained coughing and respiratory problems that my Dr. concluded that these new products were the culprit. After discontinuing them, about 2 months later, when they were mostly out of my system, I was back to normal. So, it really is true when you read that 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. So, from then on, I was determined to use only natural skin care- not the cosmetics industry “natural”, but products that are free of parabens, formaldehyde, petro chemicals, phosphates, strong artificial fragrances and artificial colors. A tall order to fill? Well, I did find a few companies that fit the bill. I’ll tell you about those later.

So, I decided to try this affiliate thing that I see so many people doing-you know when people sign up with these free to join companies and put them on one website and promote this online mall of sorts. Well, I like the idea, but there are some pros and cons to it. You can read about those in an upcoming EBook– Enhancing Your Direct Sales Business…-and I’ll stop there. I don’t want to give away the surprise. But, one thing that I did discover is that it’s a very lonely business. I miss the weekly conference calls and the training seminars, and the motivating call from your upline. I miss the anticipation of the newly released products and the holiday specials and the consultant only back office. Heck, I even miss the training manual and especially the newsletters. Bottom line, I’ve got to find me a main company to represent again! So, if there is anyone out there who has a company or represent a company that fit the product description above and at least some of the fun stuff that I just mentioned, please email me and I would love to sample and review the product while I’m in the process of making my final decision. See my Have Your Products Reviewed page for the contact information.

In the meantime, I will continue to blog my journey.

Where Oh Where did Pink Ladybug Spa Go?

Pink Lady Bug Spa has left the building! What is happening to these companies? I was just about to do a product review on them. I was sent an email by one of my direct sales buddies that PLBS was closing down for 6 months. So, I go to the site to verify this journalist tip, and low and behold! the doors are closed. Whether or not she comes back within 6 months, only time will tell. I hope so; I thought it was a cute company.