Off Topic-But, did anyone watch the replay of Roots

Hi everyone,

I saw Roots again when it replayed on TVOne, and shared it with my 9
year old son. I was a kid when I watched it the first time, and
never really appreciated it until now.

Roots reminded me of being appreciative of family. In the age of
children killing parents, and parents taking children to court,
somehow we forgot about our forefathers being sold away from their
families-never to see them again. And here we are pushing our
families away.

Roots reminded me of the respect that we should have for marriage.
Brothers should be thankful that they have their women to themselves,
and don’t have to worry about “Master” coming to his house while he’s
away. He knows for certain that this is his child and not some white
man’s. And here we deny paternity of our children and call our women
b#!*#* and ho’s. We’ve gotten away from that strong family unit and
loyality. P. Diddy should take a lesson from this.

Roots reminded me that our children should appreciate education and
learning-that they don’t have to worry about being sold off or the
skin whipped off of their backs, just because they know how to read
and write. They have the freedom to receive an education just as
high as anyone else. Here we have some of our children quitting
school and hustling on the streets. We have some that can’t pass the
required tests to graduate, and some who can’t even read when they
get to high school. What happened to our appreciation?

Most of all…
Roots reminded me that I have a measure of respect from people of all
races-more so now than ever before. I live in Louisiana, and was
raised in the south, it’s not perfect, but I see a change. I was in
Wal-Mart yesterday, and a white man bumped into me. Well, we all
know what would have happened ‘back in the day.’ But, this man put
his hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m sorry, I need to watch where
I’m going.” We need to appreciate that we don’t have to end of
hanging from a a tree or being whipped with a whip for bumping into a
white man. We need to appreciate the changes that have been made and
stop complaining about what hasn’t changed and do something about it.

When we show a lack of appreciation for the struggle, we spit on the
graves of those that died for for us to be free.

Veronica Easterling-Thomas

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  1. greenisles3
    Mar 09, 2010 @ 15:39:35

    I agree! Very well said!


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