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black-kara-vita-2.jpgkara-vita.jpgI had the opportunity to review a skin care line from Kara Vita Skin Care. When I received the products, the name sounded familiar, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was a direct sales company or not. When I received the samples and materials, I was pleasantly surprised.

Contact Consultant
Christina Kuehn
Email: KaraVitaChristina@juno.com
Website: http://www.karavita.com

Company Overview

Kara Vita products contain natural botanicals. I wasn’t able to see an ingredient list for each of the products that I used, so I can’t say with certainty the exact levels of synthetic preservatives. But, the skin care line passes all required pharmaceutical testing and are in accord with FDA standards.

Kara Vita has an impressive list of consultants which includes Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aestheticians and Podiatrists. This could be because of the LyphaZome technology.

I used the Balancing 5-step regimen. This system included the Balancing Cleanser, Mist, PBH Exfoiliating Masque, Balancing Antioxidant Treatment, and Face Essentials moisturizer with SPF 15. Of course, I went through the sample of cleanser within a couple of days. I really didn’t have enough for make up removal, so I cheated a little and used another cleanser to remove makeup and then I followed the Kara Vita regimen. So, I can’t say for certain how well the cleanser is at makeup removal.

The Complexion Mist used for toning has a strong smell. Again, I can’t comment for certain about every ingredient in the product, but the scent smelled like SD-40 alcohol. Some toners or astrigents still contain alcohol , believe it or not. If Kara Vita’s balancing toner does, then that’s the downside. It is a possibility that it was Witch Hazel based because WH has a strong smell as well. Regardless of the ingredients, I wasn’t impressed with the Complexion Mist.

PBH Exfoilating Mask was wonderful. It’s not like the regular masks that dries on your face like plaster. It a soft, gentle mask that made my skin appear brighter and healthier. It smells yummy too! I could see myself enjoying a facial with the use of this mask. For aestheticans, it will be easy to apply with a brush and is very gentle even for sensitive skin.

The Balancing Antioxidant Treatment is a creamy treatment that repairs skin and provide protection against future damage.

And last, the Face Essentials moisturizer provides all day moisture with SPF protection.

Unfortunately, I am unable to give a review based on long-term use of the product. But, most of the products in this skin care system were good. One thing that I did notice is that I felt a tingling sensation-a good tingle- every time I used one of the products. This leads me to believe that there is a action going on and with long-term use, you will be able to see results.

After about 5 days, when all of the samples ran out, my skin appeared more even, smoother, and vibrant. This system is worth a try. It retails for $140.

Company Upside
As for the business opportunity, I was very impressed! The commission structure is average, 25%-35% commission. But, that includes a company paid Hostess Plan which is very generous. At the time, I received the samples, the January 2007 promotion included:

20% host award for parties under $499
25% host award for parties over $500
If you hosted between January 1-7, the hostess got a free Eye Wish ($38 value)
One product at half-price
And check this out–A FREE 5-Piece Regimen for a party over $500!

This is all at no cost to the consultant!

And Kara Vita didn’t stop there. There was a list of Customer Special Offers-8 to be exact (for January), 2 purchase with purchase specials for a ticket over $100, 2 purchase-with-purchase specials with any size purchase, and New Consultant Kit Bonus for those who sign up!

They offer:
Sales Meetings
Monthly Newsletters
Teleconference Training
Website Training
Company Paid Hostess Program
Direct Ship to the Customer
24 Hour Online Order Entry
No required inventory

The consultant kit is a $600 value for only $250.
It made mention of a Fast Track Program, so that means even more incentives during the first months of business.

Customers will pay a hefty price for the products, but that’s how you sell them on hosting their own party, so that they can receive free or discounted products.

New consultants will pay a hefty price for the consultant kit as well, which could possibly make sponsoring a little more difficult. But, the kit contains everything that you need, including mirrors, training materials, samples, all of the facial line and some of the other products available. And for presentations, they have a flip chart!!! I love flip charts!!! It makes presenting the product so much easier for new comers. It’s well worth the money.

I didn’t see very many spa products. I’m a spa junkie; so that’s a must for me. Also, it limits your hostesses party option. If they don’t want a facial “clinic”, then you have no other options to book. Also, I didn’t see any make up either, so when your clients leave the party, they’re bare-faced. Speaking from experience, many customers do not leave the house without make up.

Who knows, maybe those products are in the works. If so, it will make it a well-rounded company.

Would you like to try Kara Vita for FREE e-mail Christina for a sample.

Shout Outs

Name **** 4 Shout Outs
Website *** 3 Shout Outs -The cart is down.
Ingredients **** 4 Shout Outs – Unique technology
Packaging ***** 5 Shout Outs – Awesome Packaging!
Philosophy ** 2 Shout Outs – I didn’t notice if they had any causes or charity.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. karavita
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 17:58:24

    Thank you for your full review. We appreciate your comments and feedback on your Kara Vita experience.

    One quick note is that we have a $99 starter kit as well for consultants who would like to see if the Kara Vita opportunity is for them.

    – Kara Vita


    • rhani
      Oct 12, 2010 @ 03:34:13

      Sure, I love what you’ve done for your consultants. You make the business easy for them. Too bad I have multiple chemical sensitivity, then I would be able to use the products. But, it does give another option for my readers.



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