Daisy Blue Naturals was on my direct sales journey.

Since I began this blog, I told you about my journey to find the right direct sales company for me. Well, Daisy Blue Naturals was on my path. I signed up with DNB around 2 years ago. I was very interested in their product line because of how natural it really is. I must admit, a greal deal of what I know about skin care ingredients came from this company. So, why didn’t I stick with DNB?

Product Review
I can’t say anything bad about the products, but I can’t say anything spectacular about them either. If you or your customer are not environmentalist, vegan, naturalists, etc…, then you may not like the product line of this company. These products are extremely natural, and you may not be use to its purity. The majority of the people in my area prefer companies with a little more pizzazz. This product line doesn’t have it.

I was impressed with the function of the product. The Peppermint Foot Cream is probably the best foot cream that I have used thus far. It can really transform your feet. I like the Peppermint Foot Crystals because of the added peppermint oil to the salts makes them less drying, and it add moisture to your feet while soaking.

The lotions are very gentle and functions well also. This is when I first fell in love the the Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey. I would use this lotion and people would stop and ask me what was I wearing. The added goat’s milk makes this lotion a creamy delight. So, I give big shouts out for this one.

The body oils were a different story. I wasn’t too thilled with those; they felt like rubbing on vegetable oil. The scent didn’t last long either and if you kept the product more than a year, it would have no scent at all. The oils were not one of my favorites.

The facial line took some getting use to. One thing about natural facial care is that your skin will get worse before it gets better. The reasoning behind this is the natural products are removing toxins from your skin, and after this is done, then your skin will start to clear up again. Well, this doesn’t work so well with my customers. One thing that I knew as a Jafra consultant for a number of years, is that if people can’t touch and feel the difference in their skin the night of the party, then you can forget a sale. Customers don’t want to hear that it will be 6-8 weeks before you see a difference. No, they want to feel a difference right then. Of course, we know that no skin care can perform an immediate miracle, but there are some lines that the customers can feel that their skin is softer or that it’s a little brighter, the first time they use it. If that wasn’t the case, then why even bother to demonstrate a facial at a party! So, for that reason, Daisy Blue got the boot.

Company Review
It was difficult for me to give Daisy Blue the boot because of the company’s compensation plan. It was average as far as the commission structure of 30% , and you could get a rebate of 5-7% depending on the sale for the month. The multi-level marketing plan was good too; I could actually see myself climbing the Blue ladder, so to speak.

The company has a paid hostess plan and awesome hostess sales incentive. They have a special of the month that you can promote and dynamite consultant incentives, including an annual incentive plan. Uhum, this is making me rethink this company.

The training program is awesome! You will know what you’re doing at a DNB party. The company has monthly newsletters, company conference calls, annual conventions, and even a weekly email especially for consultants.

So, again why did I leave Daisy Blue Naturals? Well, the company was a bit boring for me. I dont like the “cheerleader” type companies, but I didn’t want to be apart of a humdrum one either. That, coupled with the product concerns, I decided to continue my search.

Overall, I think that Daisy Blue Naturals is one of the best companies in the direct selling industry. If you and the people in your area really understands and cares about what they put on their skin, then this would be the perfect company for you.

If you want more information about Daisy Blue Natural and to be on the team of the best upline person I know, please contact Donna Broadwell. If she ever emails me and tells me that she joined a different company, I’ll probably follow right behind her.