Blogger update and changes

Hi everyone,

I mentioned before that I was out awhile due to illness. It’s turned out to be more than complications from the car accident. But, it’s getting under control. I had to revamp my business, so this blog as you know it will change. I will still do product reviews of direct sales companies and products, but I will also do reviews of other products, especially organic. I realized that I had more to “Speak on” ! You will also see posts about the truth when it comes to personal care products making organic claims. I recently had a family member to die from the rarest and deadliest form of uterine cancer. When we reseached possible causes, it’s main cause was too much estrogen feeding the cancer cells. Since I know that many ingredients in personal care products are hormone disruptors, I can’t with good conscious sell or endorse a product that can give someone cancer! So, I’ve decided to go in a different direction with the blog. I’ve got to let my readers know what kind of danger we’re putting our lives in. The public has the right to know and make an educated decision on the products that they use on themselves and their families. So stay tuned for the new and improved Speak On It!


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